Thru The Stones 
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The FIRST and LARGEST Outlander convention in the Central US
December 3 & 4, 2021 in Davenport, IA
More than a fancon - TTS is a two day Outlander experience 
Celebrating all things Outlander!

Classes and workshops will present on Friday morning. Subject material will be directly related to the Outlander series of books.

Classes included in the Convention Ticket Price 
You will choose two classes you wish to attend

#1 - Daily Life with the Cherokee in 1770   Learn about how it would have been to live as a Cherokee during Jamie and Claire's time. Food, music, and more will all be touched upon by a true Native American who takes great pleasure in sharing her culture with others. Kim is an internationally-published 
award-winning author and speaker. Her Ojibwa name, "Bekaadiziikwe" means, "Quiet Woman."

#2 - Fill your Pantry the Fraser Way  As Jamie and Claire established themselves in America they were concerned with making their foods last and keeping it from spoiling. Preservation methods would have included: drying, smoking, pickling/fermenting,and jellying. Some food samples will be provided.

#3 - Broom Making  The Fraser family would not have gone to the local store to purchase a broom - they would have crafted it and you can too! Learn the fun, and mostly lost, art of broom 
making with a hands on class taught by an expert broom maker. 

#4 - Captured by the Natives or How to Make a Big Life Change!  A historical look at white captives of the Eastern Native tribes. Can you possibly imagine what it would have been like? Learn the facts about life in the 1770's as a white captive of the Native Americans during Colonial times.

#5 - Felted Standing Stones  Make your very own felted standing stones to display proudly in your home! You will learn about the art of felting - which is a quite popular art in Scotland -  and create 
a beautiful wall hanging perfect to remind you of your time here this weekend! 

#6 - Wild Foods and Medicinal Herbs   Get back to basics and explore the fascinating world of wild foods and medicines that would have been used during Colonial times and can still be enjoyed today. Tips on harvesting, nutrition, preserving, and preparing delicious recipes will be discussed. 

#7 - Theme Gardens  Theme gardens are gardens that are designed around a specific idea. This idea creates guidelines for what to plant because it relates directly to an overall theme. A Fraser Colonial garden, Victorian gardens or a simple Color garden are all easy themes to follow. Have a "plan" to 
follow – something to lead you through the process of design and plant selection. 

#9 - Tartan’s Second Chance  Upcycling was not a fad in the 1770’s – it was a necessity! Making do 
with what was on hand and refashioning was the norm. Learn a few tips on how to do this 
with some simple stitches and repurposed fabric. Take home a completed project 
you have created yourself - there’s no stopping you now! 

The two alcohol classes listed below are offered with a $17 up charge on the ticket page
If these two classes are missing from the store it is because they have already sold out.
Please Note: These are not even listed yet because online tickets are not yet for sale!

#10 - In-Cider Information  The drink of Patriots! Cider was a staple in colonial America. By the mid-1700s, the average American was drinking 35 gallons of hard cider a year. Men, women, and children would even drink it for breakfast. Taste and learn about this delicious beverage!

#11 – Whisky Tasting  This ever popular class will introduce you to various Whiskys. A type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash, whisky is Scotland's national drink!
"Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky"

Thank you to 
Chris Donald, aka Outlander's Philip Wylie 
for joining us in Iowa!
Thank you to Stuntman, 
Horsemaster, and Sunt Coordinator Dominic Preece for coming to Iowa!
Thru The Stones Convention Schedule
All Meals and Activities are included

Thursday, December 2, 2021
  4-7 pm  Check In begins - Badge and Gift Bag pickup

Friday, December 3, 2021
  8:00 am Vendor Row opens & Check In Continues
  9:00-10:15 am  First Class
  10:30-11:45 am  Second Class
  11:15-12:30 pm  Brunch 
  1:00-3:15 pm  First Keynote Speaker
  3:30 pm  Break
​  4:45 pm  Doors open for Dinner & Trivia
  5:00 pm  Dinner Service begins
  5:45 - 6:15 pm  Welcoming Ceremonies
  6:30 pm  Trivia Contest
  9:30-10:45 pm  Entertainment - Outlander Comedy

Saturday, December 4, 2021
  8:00 am  Vendor Row opens
  8:45-9:20 am  Attendees take their seats
  9:30-10:30 am  Morning Entertainment
  10:30-11:15 am  Brunch with the Tuscarora
  11:15-11:45 am  Misc. & Announcements
  11:45 am  Break - Final visit with the vendors
  12:50 pm  Attendees Seated in place before 12:50
  1:00-3:15 pm  Second Keynote Speaker
  3:15 pm  Break
  6:00-6:45 pm Dinner Service - Hogmanay at River Run
  7:00 pm  Outlander Fashion Parade
  8:15-8:35 pm Break
  8:40 pm Closing Remarks
  8:45 - 10:45 - Entertainment - The Bucktown Revue
  8:45 -11:30 pm  Photos & Autographs with Celebrities