Thru The Stones 
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The FIRST and LARGEST Outlander convention in the Central US
December 3 & 4, 2021 in Davenport, IA
More than a fancon - TTS is a two day Outlander experience!
Classes, workshops, and speakers will present on Friday afternoon. Subject material will be related to the Outlander series of books.

Classes included in the Convention Ticket Price 
You will choose which classes you wish to attend
Sign up for classes will be in September. 

#1 - Acupuncture: Does It Really Cure Seasickness? Find out that and much more in this class.

#2 - The Art of Fermentation  Fermentation as a method to preserve food has a long history and is evident in all cultures around the world. You will learn about what and how to ferment, equipment needs to ferment at home and how to prevent mold growth during the fermentation process. This is a great skill to have and will allow you to create healthy snacks and probiotic food sources in a safe and economical way. Participants will enjoy a demonstration, taste-tests and resources/recipes to take home.  

#3 - Mushrooms: Manna, Magic and Murder Through the Ages  Mushrooms were used in the 
18th century as food, medicine, and even poison! Learn about wild mushrooms and how the 
Frasers may have used them and how wild mushrooms may be applicable in your life.

#4 - Learn About Tea  The tradition of making and taking tea in the garden is steeped in history. Early tea commerce and trade created routes that molded the layout of much of Eurasia. Today we know that tea gardens also provide enchanting outdoor spaces that are soothing, productive, sustainable, and lovely to visit. This session covers several types of tea gardens and the tea garden design components that make these great spaces to enjoy tea. Various plants used to make tea will also be covered. Participants will be able to make their own blend to take home and try.

#5 - Felted Caribbean Flowers  Make your very own brooch from felted flowers that you will felt yourself! You will learn about the art of felting - which is a quite popular art in Scotland -  and create 
colorful wildflowers found in Jamaica that you will be proud to wear! 

#6 - Papercutting This hands-on papercutting class is taught by a true wizard with paper and scissors! You will create your very own cutting featuring Outlander themes from the Voyager book. Don’t worry, a complete pattern and scissors will be provided. This project will be such a nice memento of TTS!

#7 - Native American People & Traditions  This presentation will include oral traditions of Native Americans daily life, and the planting of the Three Sisters: corn, beans, and squash. Drumming and singing, you will learn a Native American song. The audience will also get the chance to learn some Native language and will be extended an invitation into a drum and rain stick circle.

#8 - Scottish Country Dance  Learn some dance steps to help you dance the night away on Saturday evening! Scottish Country Dancing first appears in the historical record in 17th century. We will make our own kind of history on Saturday night and after this class you will know some of the dance moves!

#9 - The Triangle Trade Learn about slave trade and where Jamaica fits into the Triangle Trade involving Europe, Africa, and the West Indies. Approximately six hundred thousand slaves were sent to Jamaica (one of the largest importer of slaves at the time) - between 1533 and 1807. Conditions, the complex financial business, the slave revolution, and eventual abolishment of the slave trade will be discussed. 

The two alcohol classes listed below are offered with a $15 upcharge on the ticket page
Note: if these two classes are missing from the store it is because they have already sold out.

#10 - Rum Tasting  A lot of rum is made in Jamaica and Lord John as governor would have likely been gifted casks of it! Taste its unique flavor and learn about this delicious drink made from sugarcane.

#11 – Whisky Tasting  This ever popular class will introduce you to various Whiskys. A type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash, whisky is Scotland's national drink!
"Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky"

Thru The Stones Convention Schedule
All meals and activities are included

Friday, November 30, 2018
8 am - Check-In, badge and gift bag pickup, Vendor Row                     opens
10:45 - 1:00 - Lunch 
1:00 - 4:30 - Various classes chosen from list below
5:00 - Dinner - Pizza and Taco Bar 
6:30 pm - Opening Ceremonies 
7 pm - Outlander Trivia Contest - winners sit with celeb on Sat.
 After Trivia Contest - Retirement Party for Terry

Saturday, December 1, 2018
8:00 am - Vendor Row opens
9:30 - Outlandish Comedy Hour
10:30 - Brunch & Entertainment
12:15 - Break - Vendor Row is open
1:30 - Keynote Speaker Ron D. Moore
5:00 - Dinner - The Governor's Ball in Jamaica
          You are invited to dress in costume from the 
          mid 18th Century or any other time period you choose
7:00 - In Conversation With Ed Speleers followed by 
          Meet & Greet with Ron, Ed, and Terry
          Autographs and Photo Ops included
          A TTS Cèilidh will take place during the M & G

Thank you to 
Ron Moore, 
Ed Speleers, 
and Terry Dresbach 
for joining us in Iowa!