Thru The Stones 
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The FIRST and LARGEST Outlander convention in the Central US
December 3 & 4, 2021 in Davenport, IA
More than a fancon - TTS is a two day Outlander experience 
Celebrating all things Outlander!

Thru The Stones is hosted by Parkside Treasure House Orion, IL 61273

Thru The Stones continues to be the 
most fun, highest quality, cutting-edge fancon around!
But TTS is not just a's an Outlander experience!

​Seven Trivia Contest winners will be seated with a keynote speaker at dinner!
Seven lucky lottery winners will be seated with a keynote speaker at dinner!

Meet Special Guest Speaker

Chris Donald

Chris portrays the "puppy" and "popinjay" Philip Wylie in the Outlander 
television series. 

Chris is also well-known for playing leading roles in  Harm (where he won Film Festival Actor of the Month), 
The Students of Springfield Street , Moon Dogs  and  others.
Meet Special Guest Speaker

Dominic Preece

Dominic has been a Stuntman, Horsemaster, and Stunt Coordinator on 
Outlander since Season 1

Dominic has worked on various films and TV series since 1997.  His credits include work on Harry Potter, James Bond, Game of Thrones, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, and Wonder Woman just to name a few! Imagine the stories he may share with us!
Thru The Stones continues to be a 
convention of FIRSTS

In 2021 Thru The Stones will be the first convention for guests to hear directly from Chris Donald about his portrayal of Philip Wylie

In 2021 for the first time ever, we will talk with one of the most important behind the scenes people on the production of Outlander - Stuntman, Horsemaster, & Stunt Coordinator Dominic Preece

In 2018 Thru The Stones was Executive Producer Ron D.Moore's first Outlander convention as keynote

In 2018 Ed Speleers made his first Outlander convention appearance after we saw him as the evil  pirate Stephen Bonnet

In 2016 Thru The Stones was the first Outlander convention to host award-winning Costume Designer Terry Dresbach

2016 was Grant O'Rourke's first time to visit the United States and Thru The Stones was his first time to be a speaker at any Outlander convention

In 2014 Graham McTavish made his very first appearance at an Outlander convention at Thru The Stones

​In 2014 best-selling author of the Outlander series Diana Gabaldon attended as Thru The Stones first keynote speaker
is a bi-annual convention with the next one taking place Dec 2023